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Custom Flag Printing

Feather Flags


As an entrepreneur, you must seek the ideal advertising method. We make advertising feather flags that fulfill the need of all business owners aiming at products and service promotion. Our exhibition flags help in enhancing brand prominence due to their effectiveness as promotional and marketing materials. Created with superior fabric and carbon composite fiber, the promotional feather flags are tough and long-lasting. Our banners contain strong poles measuring 4 mm and 23 mm in diameter. Likewise, the material made with fiberglass is an extraordinary thermal conductor, making the bar heatproof.

Our storefront flag offers bright, lively, and features prominent colors. The finest quality dye rerouting printing remains high resolution to enhance visibility and persuade passers-by. These properties ensure lifelong and undying graphics for communication to happen effectively. You have the freedom to select an exhibition flag from a wide range of sizes available. We have the expertise to deliver graphics only, pole only, or both for your custom-made flags as per your need.

You can also achieve print steadiness every time with our Pantone (PMS) color match choice. To create your brand uniqueness, you can adjust the graphics. This can be done by uploading your artwork, using the templates provided, or hiring a designer. Additionally, we offer customized banners, feather flags, & signs that help in persuading customers toward your brand.



There may be a necessity for advanced techniques for you when influencing clients on a crowded street or even at a trade fair. While running an organization, you will desire to incorporate exclusive marketing strategies that remain cost-effective. Our promotional flags, through their superior quality, will position your business from the competition. The flags are made with the most delicate fabric and carbon fiber poles and have solid foundations and flexibility. This makes them perfect for exhibitions, trade shows, conferences, and other events. We use dye-sublimation processes while adding text and pictures to the flags.

This printing inserts the ink in the fabric's fibers, making the banners resilient to fading. Persuade people in your establishment with the high-resolution imagery and facts. Our advertising flags work excellently even when it’s stormy. The flags are unbreakable and will remain silent in heavy draughts. Each banner comes with a carrying bag to make transport and storage smooth. These marketing flags can resist exposure to moist environments and sunshine. It’s advisable to add a complex carbon fiber foundation to your order for a comprehensive set. The weight of the poles is light and preserves their shape. As a result, they can be smoothly transported.



Flags are a compelling and popular way to advertise a business, services, and events. Every flag, especially larger ones, requires the proper hardware to get the most out of its attributes. Giant flag poles by Iconsprinting support the display of even the most massive flags, keeping them flying and prominent to prospective customers. These poles allow for striking marketing visuals at the business site, trade shows, and outdoor events. Aluminum construction supports these advertising flag poles with long-lasting toughness and erosion resistance. The flags can be beneficial in outdoor or indoor displays at trade fairs, car dealerships, festivals, and other events and locations. Robust bases can grasp up in the elements while facilitating steadiness.

Our marketing flag poles are available in three sizes as per your requirements. We offer the opportunity to order the bars themselves or to contain flag graphics in various designs or with your picture. Additionally, customization is available as required with special instructions. A telescoping design allows these outdoor flag poles to be adaptable in height and simple to put into storage between uses. Lightweight construction enables smooth transportation to their last destination by hand, dolly cart, or vehicle. Use the poles again across multiple events and raise your return on investment.


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Make a lasting impression with full-color, double-sided business cards. The UV coating on the front makes logos and text pop. The matte back is subtle and easy to write on – a great space for appointments, loyalty programs or an extended design.

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